xEpan, The missing hand

An extremely easy and a smart tool based on the noteworthy vision of providing a complete business assistance in one application. If you being a manager or owner always miss that one person, who can take care of small routine business tasks that makes you free for big and important tasks, xEpan is for you.  Share your business/managerial problems with us and we will generate it's IT based solution. ..
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xEpan's Benefits

Business houses which have used xEpan and those which are currently using it, have seen a tremendous positive impact

Site Traffic Up By


Ease of Management


Easy Digital Marketing


Clumsiness removed


Why People like us?

We have been providing services and products to some well known business houses and it is only because of our service/product quality that we are not compared with mediocre IT firms

Our team understands the importance of customer satisfaction to our business. We are always there whenever our customers need support
Facilities like drag and drop plus template based CMS with back-end ERP makes us different from others
When our clients put their trust in us, we make sure to fulfil our duty by providing them the best of the solutions by thinking out of the box

Have a question or need any help?

Please let us know if you have any question or if you need support. Our support team is always there to take your queries. Call us on +91 887 5191258 or mail us to info@xavoc.com