Social blast and internet has given local maxima and compromised satisfaction.

This is a long story made short. Sometimes I get frustrated by seeing what is happening around. Wh ...

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Growing business issues, no body talked so naked before. Bitter truth.

If you are running a company that is not grown like big corporate, this you must read. Read it, and ...

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Mistakes holding you back from becoming a millionaire.

This blog is not for thinkers who have left everything behind and are wandering in the himalayas in ...

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Launching Startup! Read 'Step 1' To increase your success rate

Okay, First, This blog is not just for startups, Even if you are Starting new business or having ha ...

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'The December' Effect, Business prediction thumb rule ;)

Well, first ' The December Effect ' is actually does not have anything with month  December, b ...

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Epan, wisdom of the crowd for your business management

Yes, it is true. When we finished development of xEpan1, we review our code, workflow and thought t ...

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