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XEC Certified web Developer

Xavoc (Xec Services) is looking for its business associates worldwide to give them extra training to handle their region/state or country to provide support to our international business. Xavoc XEC Affiliate is your right step towards success. If you have at least one computer and Internet connection, You are all set up. If you are already using tools like Wordpress, Joomla or any other drag and drop tools, you are about to amaze with Xec Tools and our wonderful support system. No more google for your problems, answers are right at a call or email distance.

What you will be able to do

With super ease, without any technical knowledge

Website Development

With simple drag and drop tools, you can create websites in minutes with our templates. See video below

E-Commerce Websites

Have a client needing E-commerce website, create in hours and earn great. Manage Online as well as online sales, Quotation,Order or Even GST ready complete accounting.

ERP Setup

Want to enter in corporate sales, step into ERP sales with huge profits. Sale ERP with Management of Production, Offline & Online Commerce, Projects, Customer Support and Complete GST ready accounting etc all in one go

Custom Applications

Have Clients needing custom application but developing is an issue, not now, You now have a company to take care that.


Being XEC Affiliate you have a separate dedicate support channel for affiliates. Special webinars to fine tune your skills. We also organizes various sales and business skills webinars for our agencies.

Also, you will be earning business royalty if you becomes our channel partner.

For Students and professionals, it's great opportunity to become a

 "XEC Certified Web Developer"


Please download Sample/Draft MOU to read below form.


XEC Agency and channel partner is a official way to get associated. 

Agency: Agency are our front-end to create websites for customers, They are officially entitled to charge clients for their designing services other then Xec Charges that is charged by XEC Services.

Channel Partner: They are entitled to create agencies and enjoys royalty from not only agency create but every xec created by agencies. 

For Sample MOU please click bellow. This is draft MOU and prices may change. Apply above to get our re-preventative connect with you to discuss more personally and to get recent version of MOU. 


If you already have IT company and have resources to develop HTML/Bootstrap websites, You should join us as our official template authors also.

Join as Official Template Authors

XEC Services is world's growing company. We encourage you to join this growth and take your own pie of success with us.

Our official associate


Mewar Innovations Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our Recent official affiliates


Mayank Bhootra

Jaipur, India


Deepak Kanojia

Jaipur, India

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