8 Reasons, Why you should move to E-Commerce now !

Sonu Sharma

You are reading this article on the internet, and there is no reason you don't know e-commerce in one or other way. While if you are not so tech guy your perception about e-commerce can surely be different but, you know e-commerce for sure. And you must also be having any job or business. But the question is If you have taken your business to e-commerce? Well, still if you think e-commerce is not for your business think again !!!

E-Commerce is spreading like anything. People are creative in this world and you even can't imagine what people are selling on e-commerce platforms. Then why not your product. Still confused, Let's consider the following points positively and think what is the loss in opening another sales channel at all while it's positive side is too bright !!!

Let's look at some points I consider good enough to get you started with e-commerce... RIGHT NOW

E-Commerce is growing like anything

Yep, Its growing and you cannot deny it. And daily new business and products are jumping into it. Had you ever thought there could be furniture sales on the internet but today it is.. even cow dunk ??? So, the matter is your business competitors are either already online or planning, why you are not? It's just like another market in any city getting bigger in your country and everyone is trying to grab their piece there and its growing daily, just you are not going there. So stop thinking the online market as online market. It is just another market for traditional opportunities. What would you do if you came to know that London is a new market for your products and people are having great trade there for your product?? would you have approached or at least tried? I am sure, YES. Then why not e-commerce market? it is just another market. And yet you don't need any complected or costly facilities to move into this market. A number of tools like http://epan.in https://wix.com https://weebly.com are already available to get you started.

Setup a 24x7 Business

Who doesn't like to sell more? But even if you want to open your showroom to open 24x7, can you have 24x7 customers in the traditional way! unless you live in The City That Never Sleeps. And that the beauty of e-commerce websites. Even if you are sleeping, your website is working 24x7 to serve your customers, whenever they come and from wherever they come. So you never lose even that one customer who chooses to go shopping at the very odd time. Second, e-commerce utilizes the time zone difference well. You might be thinking its non-shooing hours in your area. But somewhere in the world, it is a perfect time for people to shop. and bang!!! you can server them now. So, if you want to work more and server more.. Go E-Commerce now.

It's easy than ever

Well, I do not argue the point that once it was not that easy to set up your own e-commerce system. But now with so many simple online tools setting up e-commerce is easy, infect very easy. With the tools like epan.in or wix.com or any other tools, creating your e-commerce website is as easy as selecting a template, dragging and dropping tools at a right place, add products and just sell. So trust us, it was never been that easy. But if you are more managed persona and wants things managed just beyond e-commerce. Tools like Epan, Salesforce, Zoho can help you to focus on your customer relationship management. and that's too easy.

People are enjoying purchasing online

Believe me or not, people are enjoying purchasing online. You count n number of reasons, like home delivery, a wide range of products on fingertips or anything. But people are enjoying purchasing online. During development of Epan, we were studying peoples habit and we found that people were even avoiding shops at next door stop to purchase certain things. So, let them enjoy and put our things in their joy range. BTW, who doesn't want a happy customer?

You can blast your reach, no limitations of time or place

Right now you might be sitting in your shop and reading this article on a computer or even on mobile and you have your fixed range of influence and sales. But just consider you having an e-commerce website and wow, you are an international player. Well, in traditional business you expand from one region to another, one country to another. But with e-commerce, you go from traditional to international. without any limitation (well, maybe some but not countable). 

Don't miss more buyers from social media followings

Do you have a great group of social media who follow you? from everywhere in the world? but what if they want to purchase something that you sell? Do you think they will visit a thousand miles just because they know you and admire you? I doubt. But what if they have a chance to purchase from anywhere and you within their comfort? You bet! They would love to purchase from you. So just think again? What business you are loosing daily just because you are not having an e-commerce website. So, grow social and help your community get the best from you.

Its cheaper then show-rooming

After reading all this, you might be thinking "Aaah, I want but I am not ready for such investment" well? think again when Companies like Epan.in are throwing that all facilities in less than your cost of daily coffee. A well-managed e-commerce in our study is way less costly than your traditional shop setup. 

Less running cost

 Now, that important. While not only setting up an e-commerce system is less costly its maintenance is also cheaper than your traditional business. While you consider some extra expenses in e-commerce like SEO, content writing etc? do consider running expenses of traditional shops from electricity to advertising. If you compare somehow these two expenses, you will find online things are way cheaper. 


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