Agile Toolkit

Gowrav Vishwakarma

The best framework, the power-engine for Epan Services. I have been workington Php since it was 4, and still on it as it is now 7. During these years, I have tried and worked on almost all major php frameworks and even created a few as standalone and as a supportive. But Besides keeping MVC as first priority, still managing php, html, css and javascript was scattered. More to this, I was finding some ORM that is very light weighted and still powerful. I was using Doctrine and DataMapper for CI at that time. DataMapper was something good but still as a web developer I always was feeling something missing. 

And there I come to Agiletoolkit. I was surprised by the looking that ATK was just not a framework, it was more like a new dimension of design pattern. Instantly It solved my all problems. Since then, we have not looked to any other frameworks. 

It is like a RAD tool to prototype your application with production ready code. So, I could really focus on my business logic then al small repetitive things. I was more surprised that why such a framework is not so popular by now. Soon, I became active member of community in spreading ATK around. I got my answer also, As with all developers, Romans (developer and maintainer of ATK) is a real developer, who is more into developing and making things perfect then to market. 

But, I wish this platform to be reached to every php programmer. I am sure once they see real power of ATK, they will never look back.

So, story is like this framework is the base of EPAN SERVICE and xEPAN. If you know the framework, you can even extend its code and create your own applications. 


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