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Gowrav Vishwakarma

What is a website builder?

So, if you are here means, you know what is a website and what a builder may be. We all know Websites are made up of HTML, CSS, and JS in terms of What a user see on any web browser, Obviously, if you are a bit more tech geek, you know there are other server-side languages that make things dynamic like PHP, JSP, node.js etc. But what is a website builder? And why you need a website builder when you know HTML, CSS etc all.

Well, first, using website builder does not show you do not know HTML or tech languages, But it shows you care for your customer's output, you care for your time and you do not want to re-invent the wheel. Yes, it is true, If you are using some sort of CMS, you are using a web builder like WordPress. But, wait a minute ... a website builder is a little different than CMS. While CMS lets you manage your content, website builder lets you design your website ... grrrr... whats the difference, well not anything in such but it makes you think more appropriate when we use a perfect word. Let's explain ...

Web CMS: It is more developed around your content, You design your content as a word processor like MS Word, Then you attach one template with this CMS and show which content will go where in that back-end ... and when you open your front end.... well, things may be like what you expected. What could go wrong ...

Your text and nearby image may not be as aligned as you thought. Or your color combination of side image and text length is not matching or you designer content somewhere else and let CMS handle the appropriate positioning.

Web Builder: They are more onto front-end. True WYSIWYG (What you see is what yo get) literally. So you design your website like it will be presented to your customer.. It saves a hell lot of time.. while writing your content, you don't pretend, You are always watching what your end user will see while designing a website with a website builder. Example: Why you think we will give any other example than :)


What are various website builders?

We are not alone in this universe. And even not the first, But yes, We are one of Best. But while writing something unbiased (Well, maybe not) we should discuss all the other tools also we know in terms of a website builder. This ain't any comparison, we are not here to say which one is best or Why we are best from others? But we do admire a lot of other tools like,,,,  and the list goes on...     


What is an Open source?

Now, here comes twist, Open source applications are those whose source code is available on internet and even if anyone bad day we stop giving support to our tools and close our site (Surely not the case) but even then you will still be able to continue using these tools and even you will be getting upgrades from anyone good fella in the world. So, What happened, if you are using some online tools and one good day you company says to move your site to your own server and oops, you just can't. This happens, because you were using an online website builder that was not open source or even paid to download.

well, Epan is a different case, You have a hosted service and whenever you want you can just download your stuff and move to our open source version, no different, literally.

Why search for open source website builder then online website builder?

well, I have already answered this question above, You must have control over your content and codes. How you can think of work and promote your website when it is not in your control. Epan gives you total control on your HTML, CSS, images, database everything... you simply can move anytime out from our hosted service and even if you want you just don't start with our hosted version but instead go with our open source version and still we will be giving you proper support.

Why is Epan best website builder?

Hum... The list is long, but let's take things one by one which makes us different and best website builder in a market.

  • You have total control on your HTML, CSS, and JS even in our Hosted service. Yep, that's something you will not find in any other hosted website builder. So, You can do what your selected template even does not allows. Now, that's called 100% control. 
  • You can move out of hosted service anytime.
  • We do have hosted service to save your time and efforts in setting up Epan, installing and looking up at various dependencies.
  • We are more than a website builder, we are e-commerce builder as well.
  • Our E-Commerce is more sophisticated than any other tool. It lets you manage online as well as offline or traditional e-commerce also for your business.
  • If you even want to go further, we have CRM/ERP behind that gives your management new dimensions.
  • And you can jump to anymore to any mode, just anytime.
  • And the list goes on ... for click on a website to know more about websites, e-commerce to know more about e-commerce and ERP to know more about our ERP/CRM.


So, you can start your 14 days trial today... Click Here


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