Drag and drop website builders, their pros and cons !!!

Sonu Sharma

You always wanted a tool for non-technicals to manage your own website. And now you have tons of such applications in the market. You might be using such sort of applications also. Some times you love such applications and some times they just suck. If you are new to these tools, let's look at some pros and cons before jumping into it.


  • Any body can manage or create website, no high technical knowledge required
  • Many Drag & Drop website builders provide professional templates & they are clean, spare & high quality, you can easily choose any template for your business. Templates are designed & updated frequently according to trend.
  • Sometimes you can find ideal themes in such templates just to pick and use.
  • Drag & Drop tool helps in instantly look at activities
  • It increases visibility of your business
  • Instant information update
  • Out of the box mobile responsive websites.


  • You cannot do anything much even if you are highly knowledgeable in technical and website development.
  • All platforms are not available at mobile friendly. 
  • Not the best SEO how you wants.

But still, D&D website builder is a great approach. We at Xavoc and Epan services are pushing the limits of such tools by adding new technologies and new dimensions in such tools. 

What EPAN lets you do extra:

  • Go beyond what templates give.
  • Re use template blocks to re arrange or create new pages
  • Use your HTML & CSS Skills to do miracles.
  • Upgrade to E-Commerce any time
  • Upgrade to ERP to push further.
  • Have a single control system with all management requirements as ready to upgrade.

We are really pleased to present you next generation website builder and much more ... http://epan.in


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