Growing business issues, no body talked so naked before. Bitter truth.

Gowrav Vishwakarma

If you are running a company that is not grown like big corporate, this you must read. Read it, and it will be fun for sure even if you are not conveniences:

So,  Are you a small scale company or an startup that has spent some time in market? Are you the one who is responsible for your company like dedicated manager or most probably owner ? But if you are not an startup and running for a while, still you can read and if you can find yourself in our imaginary entrepreneur's shoe, We are here to work for guys like you.

Hum, So story is like , You always working hard and want to expand but the problem, you never get good or proper guys, If you start managing them you get away from production line, and if you focus on production, these management/sales/marketing guys ruin your hard earned money by not doing something right. Sometimes it's so frustrating that it seems you or a couple of persons are working and earning hard for these ****** persons in the company. 

So you want to grow with proper sales or marketing team but at the end, you lose your money. A few dedicated persons in your team are working hard, but instead, for their good pay, the funds get distracted in those stupid guys who never were dedicated and honest. And here you need a management, A very proper management. 

Anybody reading this by now can say, hey, that’s not a big deal, your management is poor. And hell yeah, a lot of companies suffer this problem. Sometimes if there are partners, only a few or a couple of partners pays that dedication and efforts that all should do. That’s like a case, where only a few are working hard to pay, for persons, who were supposed to be pushing forward but instead, they are just being dragged. The worst part, they (The non-profitable *********** persons) know it and they are ready to be kicked out anytime and they are fully prepared to be stick with any other company in that case. It can be not by their choice but by nature also sometimes. 

So, story proceeds and you find it difficult, at the end it is just you who are putting your efforts into that growth. If you work alone, you make a profit, but it’s not the scalable model if you hire you to lose because you want a great manager that you can’t afford in early stage and If you hire that is not a great manager, it self-become your liability instead of an asset. 

That is the story of almost every struggling company. The ones who can get out of this scenario are the once who created great business conglomerate. And the only reason behind their success is they could manage things well during growing period. It is again because they got the exact required real honest and dedicated team members. You don’t need a great managers to manage and grow, but you need dedicated and desperate person that also desperately wants company to grow, that’s it and That’s the most difficult part.

Between failure and getting that team, it’s your company, one of most companies in the world.

That we also faced once, so we decided to create a system that should be more than just a data entry system, better than just CRM or ERP. We wanted a system that can create that pressure that is required. Don’t get me wrong due to the word 'pressure'. But unfortunately we do need some strict management rule applicable system that will guide your company in proper direction. We need some mechanism that speaks itself in office meetings otherwise you are well wrapped in good talks by those ******* and you don’t have things to say to them even if it's not going good. 

Humans, on the other end, we found can be the bottleneck of this system, As it depends on person to person, how they handle things. People can start grouping in a company or can create the lobby that breaks your system. You bring one good manager from outside over existing staff and bang, it becomes personal between your staff. 

Epan, the tool we are working on and about to launch in beta now, on the other hand, is a step towards solution, You might find a lot of things in epan that you have seen in other 'software' but trust us, it makes a lot of different when motive behind making the same thing changes. So, it is to automate those tasks that makes you drag. It helps you addressing those problems, that is stopping your actual personality and lets you free from the tasks you are doing right now. Sometimes, you even don’t know what you are doing, but just time is passing. 

No, No, just don’t go and try the application, it won’t work. This CRM / ERP is like a prescription, so while testing it, you should consult us how to use that Application, and we will guide you, how to come out of that red zone and enjoy the real success.

Epan XEC (Xavoc ERP & CRM)


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