Launching Startup! Step 1 to increase your success rate (Proven Tips). [Report]

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Okay, First, This blog is not just for startups, Even if you are Starting a new business or having a hard time with your own business, this blog will surely help you. It took us hard 7+ years in finding the best business models (still, we are learning) and to convert them in doable actions by software. We added everything in our Business Management applications, but here, You can do them manually too, without Epan services.

This is one, simple, trivial but important step we want you to follow. Here is no miracle, but may help a lot in doing a miracle by sustaining well. If you are confident, you should do it in no time, and if you are not able to do it, well, you must then.

Initial Startup Problem

You get excited too early, and without doing proper homework starts putting hard work. Apart from your Product, Technical or Marketing research, there is something you never do (Well, we will make you do it now through this blog).

At last, you are doing it for the market and buyers! I am almost right. Right? And you might have done your market research also, But in next few paragraphs I'll ask you to do some tasks, and by the end of this blog, you must be feeling more good or at least you will get your upcoming problems, right here.

What you need to do, apart from reading this blog

I will be giving you some tasks, not long and complex, But if you feel you are not able to do them properly right now, you have some problems coming, you better sit and solve them first, by following this process seriously. You can proceed without facing those tasks here, but believe me, if you are not solving them here or in future, you are in the red zone.

Get me to process !!!

okay, okay. So step first is to Identify your target audience, but wait, Not just like that, follow our way.

  • Now, I'll ask you to write your target Audience in few words.
    ..... ....... ....... ...... ........
    Can you fill it easily, good? Read again, Are you satisfied !!!
    If no, take your time, but if you really want to do productive work, Please follow exactly, It will take not much time but can be a game changer. Do brain puzzle.
  • Let's follow it our way, how we do it in Epan Services, but you still can do it on Paper. Or you can at least register for Free 14 days Trial if not done yet ;)

    Open menu Marketing >> Strategy Planning if you are on Epan services, or follow on Paper. On Epan service we will use this data for machine learning later on.

  • Now, Add at least 4 Category where you can sell or market your product, if you need to break any category to make it at least 4, do it. Even if you are already running good business and starting a new business, Do it now. It will help you understand your own business more. If you have more than 4, add them all.
    Note 1: Here is the condition, even if you need to think, add at least 4 and if it was hard, you will be surprised, you now have more areas. These new areas may give you new ideas also, but right now, just focus here.
    Note 2: Make more category, we will refine it in the second step.
    .... .... ....
    Well, some of you might be feeling itchy, and started saying, what the hell is this. But believe me, if you are not doing this, you are living in dreams. It may take some time, but better now then it's too late.

    So, it can be something like this, (We are not sharing our data here;), Its just random)

By now you know your industries or streams.

  • Now, just dig on second last level and write under each Category, what can be subcategories and/or for what purpose these categories may use your product.

    By now, many of you will be uncertain about categories above or target audience in few words section. Please change as per your convenience again and again.

Check your list again, if you are not missing anything. If possible, take your time. Do some google, discuss with your teammates to fill this diagram in a better way.

If you are a person who thinks different, try to include new areas that can be explored in this category and sub-category based structure.

  • The last task for this blog, Now again you may need to google for this. But apart from our own data grabbers and lead searcher portions, even if you are Epan Customer, we will insist you to do this task manually, It's not marketing, we are making you on top of your own product.

    Do Google and write at least 3 companies that you wish your product to sell, Search as per parent category and sub-category and find few companies that you think can purchase your product or service in initial 6 months (If you are using Epan Services, it will serve best to get best Machine learning results, that we are planning to launch soon).
    Note: Please fill their website address in Epan Services, so our coming algorithms can learn about prospected customers.


Hmm, Wasn't it easy? If not, You were missing something. If it was, you will certainly like our next blogs. Don't Miss any new blog posts, or better, get them in an email. Subscribe now.

Happy Business :)



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