looking for e-commerce website builder or online store builder in 2018 lets know why we are considered as best solution for your e-commerce

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Okay, so 2017 was not so revolutionary in terms of e-commerce, or was it ? well, let the debate be left between e-commerce or AI or Augmented reality etc.... But lets look at 2018 now.

So what you should look for your new e-commerce company in 2018?

Let me be clear, I'll not create or write new jargon here to make you confuse. I'll rather make it simple for you to take decision. NO, I am not planning to sell my product even though it is one of the best. I am here to talk about you and your actual need.

Let's first understand the subject of this blog, we are not saying the best e-commerce application or something, we are saying "What you should look for NEW E-COMMERCE Company"?

If you are planning to jump into e-commerce, you are on right track. All big players has set mindset of customers for online and e-commerce, you can step in now.

How should I start for my new e-commerce website or online store ?

well, we always say one thing to all new commerce, don't google for new technology and what others are doing or what is best in market. Things takes time, We always suggest to be familiar with the systems first. Don't go for best in first shot. Rather take your decision faster to go online. Usually people takes too much time and try to plan for something foolproof in first go.

remember it is very very hard if not impossible. You will not understand the system or market or terms until you go into it, and no matter how much you have prepared, you will have to re-evaluate after your first spin.

And usually, when it happens, you make assumption that e-commerce is not for you or you do not have proper team. But once you expect this things become easy.


And what should I look for website builder or online store in 2018?

Okay, apart from other articles on internet, I'll say nothing has changed in 2018 as far as business is concerned. Still, your tool should give you a few things as always to get you a good start

  • You must be able to create a beautiful website. Now, make things clear in terms of business, website must be beautiful but still, content is king. Your customer still purchases due to product not your website design. So, instead of most beautiful and animated website, make it decent with good and easy product information.
  • You must be able to sell at least with your business rules like your pricing plan, discount schemes etc. That is not to be compromise for sure.
  • SEO is another major requirement these days, So your CMS or website builder must provide SEF (Search engine friendly URLs).
  • Content is King, and that is not true only for Google but for all major search engines. To provide good content, you will require a good blogging platform. What to write on blog to get good ranking is matter of another article.
  • Do not forget, online business is just another channel for your existing offline business. Well, for a number of new companies this may not be the case, but for most of existing business (As we are writing this for existing companies starting new in e-commerce) You must be having offline business also. In terms to manage new online business you must not suffer, your existing business. This looks obvious in first read, but trust us, This make sense when you sincerely thinks what to do to not disturb existing business.


What makes us think Epan is the best website builder or online store?

If what we wrote above seems obvious to you, trust us, we do not make software around technology. But we make things around actual needs. Technology is selected later to accomplish what we want to do. We want your business and online store to grow. We are not here to make fancy animation of making a few jargon highlighted to show how advanced we are. We are using and in-fact defining cutting edge technology but that must not be on cost of actual need. We do not say our customers to use what we give, We give them what is actually required for their business to grow.

Sometimes, It makes initial learning curve a bit bigger, but trust us, it pays at the end in terms of best ROI for your efforts.

This blog is to make you understand, how we works and what philosophy we have in mind when we work for you. To know more about our product or feature there is plenty of information available on other pages here.




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