Mistakes holding you back from becoming a millionaire.

Vaibhav Sharma

This blog is not for thinkers who have left everything behind and are wandering in the Himalayas in search of divine pathways, this blog is for those businesspersons who are working hard and still finding it a great deal to achieve their desired goals, this blog is for those who form the basis for those bigger goals.

There are many people like you in this world and no I am not talking about doppelgangers, I am talking about the people who are running the same business as you are but are running it better and earning more than you. So, why is their business more prosperous and profitable, do their employees have superpowers or do their machinery is blessed by God to produce more, or maybe they hypnotize their customers to buy more and more products.  No, they are neither blessed nor they hypnotize customers they just follow one simple principle "Always Work Hard And Think Out Of The Box", if this is the case then you surely need to wake up now and if not then their is only one conclusion that you are happy with what you have and you have a symptom of disease i.e. "Satisfaction Symptom", worst disease a businessperson can have. 

What if you are working hard, thinking out of the box and at the same time wants to achieve more and are not satisfied with present but wants a beautiful tomorrow, but your business is rigid and not moving forward. Well, in that case, it's time to jolt your head and think about what's that thing which is coming in between you, your fame, and your millions. Maybe it's your management, maybe it's your employees, or maybe it's you yourself who is resisting to change.

Your business is standing tall on four pillars :

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Sale
  • Communication

It may be the case that one or more of these pillars is broken or have some trouble, which is stopping you from achieving your ultimate goal.

So what is the solution? A solution is using the right set of tools to establish a synchronization between various business processes.

Before jumping deep into the solution let's first see the basic workflow of service based business and almost every startup :

  • Digital marketing (Newsletters, social marketing)
  • Converting leads to customers
  • Maintaining proper Follow-ups
  • Centrally managed customer communication
  • Sales (quotation, order, invoice)
  • Customer Relations

Now, how does this workflow be better managed and automated by using tools like epan.in,  let's see : 

1) Digital Marketing: Doing digital marketing (Content marketing) allows you to sit back and relax to see your customers coming to you rather then you pull them. In today's era, we can say that "the fortune is in the hands of digital marketing".


2) Follow-ups: It's true that we all lead a busy life but missing an important event like the meeting, the call can lead to a loss of opportunity. Following up your customers or leads is as important as making a good product or proving a service.

3) Communication: Communication is an indispensable part of the business. Effective communication equals good working relationship between you, your staff and your clients/customers. 

4) Sales: Sales cover a way lot bigger domain then just selling a product or service to a customer, it includes proper document management like the quotation, invoice, orders etc, proper integration with accounts and production in some cases.

Last but not the least: "Commit To Doing Something Every Day To Grow Your Business.


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