Open Source ERP: Released new version 0.91 with Quick Menu : Whats new

  • 2017-12-24
  • Gowrav Vishwakarma
  • 0

Epan Service is proud to announce the launch of its new release. It looks like a minor release but its a big jump in terms of how a person can handle big applications like Epan ERP.

Epan is huge and it manages almost all aspects of your business. Still, we designed it to keep small teams in mind. Who wants to achieve big with their existing resources. That's where true technology comes in real use. Epan is not an exception. We are a leader in fact.

So, what's new we have come up with this pack!!!


When you have big applications like Epan, it is quite obvious to get lost in the so many options, configurations and activities actions etc. But we are ready to solve every problem and Quick Menu is the next possible answer. Quick menus are designed specially to execute anything that is just in your mind. So no more thinking "Where can I do this ?" Just think what you want to do.

And that's a big step.

So, if you are on V0.91+ Just press "Atl+Q" for Quick Menu and if you are not ... Just Upgrade :)



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