Social blast and internet has given local maxima and compromised satisfaction.

Gowrav Vishwakarma

This is a long story made short. Sometimes I get frustrated by seeing what is happening around. When I travel to be in some good technical even I see a few sensible persons but apart from it I see total nonsense. I may look rude but it is fact. I started trying to catch mindset of youngsters on social sites and found something interesting.

First, let me be clear, It's not all but majority. If you feel you are not one of those I am about to describe then well, you are not !!

Lets start with an incident, I got a message on Facebook from one of my old student asking for favor in finding a job and told me his tensions. I was worried for him. I started looking at my contacts who can be of any sort of help for this boy. While I was busy in searching something for him I found he posted a new profile picture in the mean time quoting how much he is enjoying life.. WTF, I was like ... don't have any word to say that situation.

I see people (Those who I know personally) making some groups, doing some activity (which is good in fact) and posting pics and status on social media and appreciating each other.

hummm and opposite to this Me and My team members are even struggling to get or make the world better, make our efforts more sharp and to make our products better every day. Am I not enjoying !!! Definitely not. But are those kids enjoying who even don't know still to write a hello world program, even after doing their masters. Yes. HOW AND HOW ???

So, I took a time to analysis this youth. And I found they are more happy then us. It makes me remind one good quote "Foolish are very clear and intellectuals are confused". Yes it is.

They are very clear that they can't write a hello world program and they have found their "local maxima". A state where they still can satisfy their ego and ambitions to achieve something. The medium is undoubtedly internet and social sites. 

Now they are happy that they are showing how great they are and public is listening and liking. That's what they always wished for, to be a public figure. And they are now at "local maxima".

But well, this local maxima is dangerous, leading new generation to various wrong ways too ...

What you say !!!


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