UX designer is a myth !!! There is no such term exists

Gowrav Vishwakarma

In recent past, I have been working on our new project that is in beta and a huge product that gives people create drag and drop based website, E-commerce and CRM/ERP behind. But wait, it's not marketing. I have been called so many "so-called" UX Designers to improve my UX and they came up with some suggestions etc. Then I got deep into this terms a few years back. Till now, I have done enough with this UX designer, and I am now convinced with my own vision. 

There is no UX Developer/Designer, They are just UI developers with good creativity or experience with the client. Then I came to know, UX designer is a myth, they literally cannot exist and yet, we are having a new job description and totally new segment learning, reading and working on this.

Let's see why I am saying this ...

UX says its "user experience", now, my question is no matter how great you thought and put things in a proper way, user experience comes only when your user experiences it? Got it!!!

So, you are no way working with UX Developers or Designers. You are working with experienced or creative UI designers always. They cannot give you user experience. 

How many of you agree, no matter how hard you do, your client/user at the end always finds that what he wants to change. Mimic User experience is same as feeling the taste of a food you are preparing by thinking about ingredients only. It never works. So, next time stop using UX developer hiring, even if you do, just say it as experienced and creative UI developer.

Well, that's some of my thoughts, Your comments are welcome !!!

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