What if we can code humans. Comparing humans with machine !

Vaibhav Sharma

Let me start by asking each one of you reading this blog a question. Do you live every moment of your life ?  Well this is thought provoking. Few days ago when I was reading the climax of a fictional book I got emotional when I came to know that the female character married someone else and not her beloved male character. I felt like she betrayed me. Oh god It was catastrophic. But why was I feeling bad, it was just a fictional story. Why did it triggered a emotion in my brain. Was I living in the moment.

Think about human brain as a complex biological machine. What if we could code our brain. What feature would you add or remove if you could code your brain. Technology is advanced and is allowing scientists to read minds and to incorporate a new thought. But with a new technology comes a new ethical issue. What if somebody altered your thoughts. This is purely hypothetical in present scenario but it won't be in future.

A research conducted by scientists revealed that simulating 1 second of human brain requires 82,944 processors. Far from a real time activity. What if they build a simulated brain without a mind.

Thank god ! we are not machines, otherwise we would be asking each other some strange questions like :
                 How many emotions does your mind supports !
                 How much memory do you have ??

Conversation would be like this :
                 person 1 : hey how are you ?
                 person 2 : sorry, do I know you ?
                 person 1 : yes of course.
                 person 2 : Oh wait a second let me swap memory from my cloud
                                   storage, I just had a reset.
                 person 2 : Oh ! hi dad, why are you looking at me like this !

We evolved from monkeys. Evolution doesn't mean transformation it means modification. Our emotions are what make us human. Cherish it, live every moment of it.   

"A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God" - Alan Perlis


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