Why we are just not among another web to print software, we are better than any another web to print design tool.

Gowrav Vishwakarma

When it comes to the web to print applications it' just online designer tool that comes to your mind. But is it okay enough to compare various designer tools and take decisions? No, It is not, If you ever wish to take your printing e-commerce to online solutions, there is a lot more you should see. Just not designer Tool.

What are best features for a web to print software?

Web to print or online e-commerce for printing industry must have a number of features as an overall solution or one-stop solution. Like

  • Tool for your template designer in designer tool

    • Your template designer also uses the same tool as other users are using but with more features set like to control what your user(end customer) can edit and what not. Obviously http://epan.in/printing our xPrint provides this facility and that lets you design something that other tools cannot. Like, you can use special artists images and make them unchangeable for your calendars.
  • Is your e-commerce ready for back-end management?
    • When you are looking at online, do not forget you have an offline or backend to manage this all. How much strong your backend is? Because finally, you will have to work on the back-end to deliver and to provide better service to your customer. xPrint (http://epan.in/printing) provides you with a wonderful back-end, not only for your e-commerce but also for your traditional and offline sales and management.
  • How easily can you design your website around your Ideas?
    • xPrint is made in Epan (One of best drag and drop website builder and e-commerce developer) That gives you a number of templates to choose from and you can easily create or manage your website by your own. (Epan Services as Hosted Service do not provide Printing Application online, you have to contact us for a separate setup for the same at http://epan.in/printing )
  • Customization of rate and pricing?
    • We all know pricing in the printing industry is not that simple, it always takes a calculator to decide what price will be there for a particular job asked. A lot of factors plays a role, from paper type to GSM, animation to UV Emboss, rounded a corner to print sides ... and when it comes to qty it becomes more complicated, Do your web to print software provides to handle that sophisticated pricing? xPrint does. Ask for your demo now at http://epan.in/printing

xPrint is the best web to print software solution for printing industry

These are a few of so many reasons, if you ever wishing to jump into online printing you must try our xPrint once, We are sure you will not look for any other web to print online solution.

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