ERP, E-commerce Application Feature List

Human Resource
  1. Department management
  2. Posts management
  3. Employee management
  4. Attendance & Payroll system for salaried persons
  5. User management
  6. Affiliate management
  7. ACL (Access Control Level)

Project & Task
  1. Add project
  2. Assign team to project
  3. Add tasks in project
  4. Assign tasks to employees
  5. Set task reminders
  6. Make repeatable tasks

Digital Marketing
  1. Grab ‘n’ number of leads from internet in seconds
  2. Design content
  3. Automatized campaign
  4. Perform better Telemarketing
  5. Do Mass emails, scheduled social posts
  6. Track communications with leads
  7. Get Visual reports for performance of sales team
  8. Get funnel view for various opportunities etc.

  1. Online and onsite/Traditional business
  2. Online/offline orders
  3. Create items, customize rate lists as per quantities or custom selection (color, size etc)
  4. Customizable shipping rules, govt taxes etc.
  5. Manage Online saleable items and Traditional items differently
  6. Manage customer/suppliers, track communications, orders, invoices etc
  7. Manage documents, send Order/invoices/Dispatch documents via email in a click

Store And Warehouse
  1. Multiple warehouse
  2. Stock management
  3. Stock availability info.

  1. Job card management
  2. With proper order item
  3. specifications and customer selections
  4. Manage Offline or Traditional
  5. on-site businesses
  6. Bulls eye view on flow
  7. Dispatch and mail customer
  8. Customers get tracking URL on shipp

  1. Multiple support emails
  2. Ticketing system
  3. Maintains mailing log
  4. Add communication on same ticket on email replies

  1. Email management system
  2. Multiple email management
  3. Filtered your contacts communication, never miss important shout from your customers, leads or suppliers.
  4. Post based permissions for various email accounts

  1. Drag & Drop tool
  2. Template based
  3. Easy to manage and update

  1. Write blog post
  2. Associate post to category
  3. Manage all comments
  4. Block comments on posts

  1. Create and use your own entry yet follow accounting rules (no need of accounting expertise)
  2. Create heads/groups according to your needs
  3. Can maintain cash and day book
  4. Balance Sheet and Trading and P&L reports
  5. Merge two accounts without losing entries
  6. Send accounts statement on one click via email
  7. Print account statement/reports on one click

For Printing Industries
  1. Easy manageable ecommerce website.
  2. Designer tool for customers to design products according to their needs.
  3. Power Packed ERP with category, product, customer, supplier, documents (quotations, invoices, orders), management.
  4. Real time information about job cards, their department, amount of material used in each department, etc.

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