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Your business buddy, that manages everything you always wanted to be managed. Epan CRM/ERP is not just document storage, it is a best practice application, that manages every aspect of your business in very unique way. Epan CRM/ERP is designed to increase individual performance and leverage all aspects of a business. It is more than to any CRM or ERP.


EPAN is a business automation tool and it is extensible with our open source version where you can create your own applications. EPAN ERP is just a collection of well integrated pre-programmed application. This ERP tool is fully customizable and suitable to all types of small, medium and large businesses. EPAN ERP module contains accounting, HR, marketing and sales, production and CMS tool to make your business operations as more effective and efficient as ever before.


Manage everything like departments, posts, attendance, Salaries, Leave, ACL etc from easy HR Application.


Manage Projects, internal tasks for employees, monitor all work status. A complete non-verbal system for companies.


Newsletter campaigns, Social campaigns, Track who clicked from Emails. Score management. Tele-calling management, lead management and a lot more


Very unique accounts to be operated by non-accounting persons. Yet, produces proper technical reports like balance sheet etc.


From quote to cash. manages Online as well as traditional business efficiently. Auto tax rules, dispatch management with proper stock and inventory.


Create job cards on any order approval and manages partial developments. Tracks orders, what is done in which departments etc.


Professional email support system. Reject non-customers or allow. Assign to employee. Auto email templates on ticket open and close etc.


A Wonderful Drag And Drop based website/e-commerce builder. closely integrated with and backed by ERP.

Latest blog posts

Since Epan is just not a website builder, its Online store and a very mature CRM/ERP behind, our blogs will not only lead you to better use of website but will give you insights of market, business, management and sales activities.

EPAN CRM / ERP features

Epan online store/ e-commerce platform is very sophisticated yet easy to manage e-commerce as well as your traditional business from single panel. Epan Store lets you handle from quote to cash. Equipped with a complete accounting that produces Balance Sheet for your complete business and manages stock and inventory.


Sell items online and offline, manage invoices and accounts at a single control

sell complex items

Complex custom information based item! Epan can manage almost every kind of system.

complex rate chart

Quantity based rate change, Any user choice based rate change or  price based on complex tax rules

complex shipping rules

Have different shipping rules, based on amount, weight or delivery state. Epan can manage almost anything

overridable templates

Using template is easy but you want your own layout of product list or description. Epan allows you to override HTML template of any component.


Get a mature and Industry standard back management with every back-office system managed with Epan Store


Any body now can do accounting. A unique system where even any non accountant person can manage your corporate accounts department, once rules set.


Multi warehouse, purchase, sales and stock adjustment. Get stock by item or even by custom specifications like color, size or on any other custom information. 

unique communications

Manage all communications from single point, Permission based email accounts for every post. See all communication history. Single panel for multiple email accounts.


Epan E-Commerce provides sophisticated voucher system to be implemented on either price or shipping charge. Limit by usage or date time, Epan voucher system is power in your hand to offer schemes.


Want user to personalize something before ordering, Epan's personalizable products allows your users to design with text and images before order. Best for printing industries.

Dedicated support

Apart from so rich documentation and video tutorials available, Our support is always there to get your work done quickly. WE have multiple channels like community forum, Documentation, FAQ, support emails etc.


Epan is a system and a business platform, We could not achieve this huge success with their help worldwide. We are proud to place such companies and persons here with respect.

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xEpan is available as Open source community version as well as Hosted Service for you to get started quick. Our Hosted service saves you a lot in terms of time and quick support.


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