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General questions
Yes, account registration at epan.in is required if you want to use it. This ensures a seperate domain for each customer and a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.
  • Register an account
  • Activate your account
  • Login
  • Enjoy!
There are actually a lot of services we provide. If you only want a front end website you can go with the website specific item in pricing menu. If you want an e-commerce website, then you can choose a much advance item which we provide. To see items, you can visit pricing page
Yes ofcourse you can try before you purchase any service. We provide a 14 day free trail.
Buying xEpan Service
Any registed user, by selecting an item and buying it. Our Process is like anyother E-Commerce website, you select item, view cart or checkout, confirm purchase, navigate to payment gatway page.
Instant! Yes you will get an e-commerce web site (yourdomain.epan.in/server space) and a powerful back-end of your own business as soon as you buy xEpan e-commerce service.
Don't worry we provide free trial for 14 days. We don't force you to buy our service.
"Customer is the ultimate king :)".
Yes, you can multiple services. For each service you purchase, you get a new domain name and server space.
The best way to transfer funds is via CCAvenue. This secure platform ensures timely payments and a secure environment.
We are always there whenever you need us. When you face any problem, first try finding it's solution on FAQ, Forums. If you don't find any solution then you can call us or mail us.
You can easily contact us by calling us or by leaving us a mail on support. For contact information visit contact page.