Why InsightSuccess call is important to us

Gowrav Vishwakarma

Well, I have always been following Insight Success for reads from now and then. And surprisingly I got an email from them a few days back. It was just a wow moment for us. They have invited us to participate their project "The 10 Most Innovative CMS Solution Providers, 2017".

An Email from the magazine you always read and loved, It was just great. Okay, so I was excited. But unfortunately, we are under transition of xEpan CMS to Epan Services transition, from CMS to CMS+Online Store Builder+CRM+ERP. We cannot participate now. But I was curious to know like if it was a broadcast message or what?

I asked Mr. Thomas, and he replied, their research team has selected only 30 such products worldwide and we are one of them. Now, that's some good news for us. Still, we were unable to participate as our advisory board says us to finish our beta launch before showing up in the market.

But I thanks the magazine anyway.


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